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Solista is the third range of wines from the Bielsa Ruano Project. It is a range of 6 single-varietal wines aged in French oak barrels from 6 to 12 months. It is the most premium range of our winery, from our own vineyards and others that we seek from small winegrowers who let us cultivate their unique heritage. They are wines with a lot of fruit, where secondary and tertiary aromas are combined that denote this step by barrel respecting the essence of Garnatxa Blanca, Garnatxa Negra, Garnatxa Blanca Brisada, Morenillo, Carinyena and Blanc de Negres of the Morenillo variety. These are wines that follow the Bielsa Ruano line, wines with volume, freshness and a lot of length, for consumers who want to taste the excellence of Terra Alta in its most emblematic varieties.

This range of wines wants to represent;

The dream realized by our Bielsa Ruano family, a family of winegrowers and oenologists who one day decide to bring their wine to the world. This has been the result of a long journey and the efforts of many people to enhance our wine heritage in Terra Alta. Like that Soloist who, after a long journey of effort, sacrifice and musical constancy, finds himself in front of his great concert and expresses himself in the most virtuous and brilliant way, demonstrating his great talent.

As the Soloist label says:

"When the Soloist is playing, relive the dream of that boy who wanted to take his music to the world"

Solista, a collection of wines to put the emblematic varieties of Terra Alta on the podium of excellence in the world of wine.