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Músic de Carrer, is the second range of wines from the Bielsa Ruano project. It is a range of monovarietal wines with a French oak barrel passage. They are wines with a lot of fruit, where secondary and tertiary aromas are combined that denote this passage through barrel respecting the essence of Grenache.

A voluminous, fresh and long wine, for consumers looking to find the authenticity of Grenache with a barrel pass. This range of wines wants to represent; the passion and the insistence with which we face things, that passion that keeps us going day after day in any area of life. Just like that farmer, who continues to take care of his vineyards, even if they are not profitable, because he believes in what he does and clings to his passion to move forward.

Músic de Carrer, these are wines that transport us to the authenticity of a territory, which makes passion its way of life from day to day.

As the label of the Street Musician says,

"When the busker walks, his passion stops time to be happy forever"

Only in this way, by being passionate about things can we be close to what makes us happy.

Músic de Carrer, a wine to enjoy the essence of a territory.